You Need to Add Heatmapping to Your Site; Here’s Why

You Need to Add Heatmapping to Your Site; Here’s Why

George Stevens

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools to measure the performance of a website, however, it can’t provide you with information about what exactly on your website is catching people’s attention. Is it words? Is it an image? This is where heatmapping comes in. Heatmaps can provide you with information on which areas on the page are the most clicked on and what paragraphs are catching people’s eye when they are scrolling through your content. Carry on reading this article to find out more about why you need heatmaps on your website to hit your marketing goals.

The Statistics

Marketing experts have been analysing the effectiveness of visual marketing for many years now and the behaviour that it evokes from potential conversions. A massive 51% of business to business marketers prioritised visual content, while 37% think visual marketing is the most vital form of content to their business, with blogging coming out on top. Finally, research has also shown that 38%of people will stop engaging with a website should they find the content or layout unattractive.

The Benefits of Adding Heatmapping to Your WordPress Website

As the internet has grown rapidly over the past decade or so, websites are now having to ensure that their website is extremely user-friendly and modern, otherwise people will simply click off their website to go visit a competitor who does offer this. If you currently have a website that requires users to take a lot of steps to find what they are looking for, then this is a recipe for disaster that will lose you clients.

While you still need fantastic content, you will also need to ensure that your site is structured in such a way that it will combine various elements that influence the activity of your visitors. Essentially, you want it to make them convert, not leave your website!

A heatmap can help you to discover valuable facts about your potential clients. One of the biggest benefits of heat mapping is that you will be able to tracks visitors clicks to see which pages you need to make catchier and more compelling. A heatmap will also allow you to see what is the most interesting to people and this will then allow you to analyse what information visitors are looking for so that you can then highlight this on your website.

With heatmaps, another big benefit is that you will be able to see how far people are scrolling down your page, giving you an idea of how relevant people find this content or you may find that they leave the page straight away without even scrolling through the content first. What’s also cool about heatmapping is that it is so accurate you can even see where visitors are placing their cursor on the page and what images or text they are hovering over!

As you can see, there are lots of amazing benefits to using a heatmap on your website and this will help you to see what exactly your customers want and will help you to get more conversions.