Yorkshire’s Digital Economy


The UK’s digital market place is more buoyant than ever and recent figures estimates there are approximately 270,000 companies making up the digital economy and companies enjoying an annual growth rate of 25% and employee 15% more people than non-digital businesses.┬áBelieve it or not but Yorkshire has the biggest collective of digital marketing expertise outside of London and the county has developed a real reputation of providing digital expertise to recognised brands throughout the country.

Always well known for its creative industry as the demands of marketing budgets turned from traditional off-line media city’s such as Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and town’s including Harrogate, Halifax evolved the wealth of marketing talent to focus more on the digital channels. Today the regions specialist online marketing consultancy are working with brands such as Autotrader, Sky, Marks & Spencer and small to medium sized businesses to understand how to gain the maximum potential from online marketing. It’s estimated that over 4000 companies based in and around the Leeds, Bradford district are providing digital agency services to a mix of business sectors. The community is believed to of seen the largest growth of any areas in the UK in recent years and digital marketing companies are providing more jobs and expertise according to a study by Google.

Further support for the digital community has come in the form of investment into the broadband infrastructure with major business areas of Yorkshire receiving the super fast broadband which the government has been rolling out as part of it’s investment in the new media sector. A proud member of the Yorkshire digital marketing community Elementary Digital continues to invest in developing the counties prominence in the online sector and developing innovative, well considered digital marketing campaigns that push the boundaries of web design and development then online marketing. Innovation, individuality and shareability is at the heart of everything we do and the digital consultancy arena in Yorkshire.