Yorkshire v’s Lancashire in the digital world


The war of the roses, Yorkshire v’s Lancashire, a long fort battle between two huge rivals and fought on the battlegrounds of history, football pitches of the premiership (although not so much in recent years…come on Yorkshire) and the business communities of the major businesses centres of the counties (Leeds, Bradford, Manchester). With a friendly rivalry the competition between the two counties has rolled over into the creative world in the last twenty years and the well known design hubs of Manchester and Leeds have fought over the crown to be the ‘Creative Capital of the north’. Both have a pool of creative talent that have developed ground breaking campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the country, however Manchester had always attracted the big names in the marketing consultancy world whilst Leeds followed in its wake.

Go back to 1998 when Google was mentioned for the time and the marketing battle of the roses was about to change forever. Long following the creative output of Manchester the marketing community of Leeds began to take notice of this emerging ‘internet’ arena and the Digital Agency began to appear in offices throughout Leeds and Yorkshire. Bringing in the years of creative and marketing excellence Leeds and Yorkshire in general began to excel as a digital hub leading the way with website design and development, search engine optimisation and more recently social media. In the space of ten years start up businesses with two people in a room have become digital marketing powerhouses with staff of over 150 (in some cases) and annual turnovers pushing over £5 million. The results has been to not only develop the local economies in Yorkshire but attract digital marketing talent throughout the UK and make it into the second biggest digital marketing consultancy region outside London with some global seo, web design personalities. Today Yorkshire is the winner in the battle of the roses and it continues to develop it’s digital expertise everyday.