Yorkshire businesses with responsive websites


As people lives become more about being on their feet technology has developed to empower people with the internet no matter where they are, what they’re doing or what they need. Phrases such as, ‘Smartphone, and ‘Tablet’ have become a necessity of life with people in fear if they miss an email, the latest tweet or what their friends are doing on Facebook. Supporting this it has been reported this year that PC sales are expected to be eclipsed by the ever growing popularity of the tablet and in 2014 it’s forecasted that mobile will overtake desktops and laptops as the most popular way to view the internet.

So what does this mean for businesses in Yorkshire? Well put simply your site needs to be ‘responsive’, this means you site adapts the way it looks and functions to ensure that the user has the same engaging experience no matter what system they’re using with no loss of content or context. For a web development company such as Elementary Digital company it means developing a website that can seamlessly render functionality across all platforms and ensuring the technology works quickly on any platform. We love responsive, that’s why this website has been developed using Twitter Bootstrap and fully responds to tablet, mobile and traditional computers. A prerequisite of all websites we develop today we are working with businesses throughout Yorkshire to create fully responsive websites.

However looking beyond the work we’re doing we had a look for business based in Yorkshire that are using responsive design websites and share some of them with you below:

1. mixd – like Elementary Digital, Mixd are a digital agency in Harrogate. Put quite simply their website is the epiphany of simplicity and blends bold design with the latest coding technology to present what we think is one of the best examples of responsive design in Yorkshire, absolutely superb!

2.┬áNet Construct – a well known digital agency in Yorkshire, Elementary Digital love how clean the design is and how it renders for different platform. Nicely thought out and rich with content

3. Elementary Digital – we don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we’re pretty proud of our responsive site and we hope you like it too (although will still think Mixd’s is outstanding).

If you’re looking for a responsive website in Yorkshire speak to Elementary Digital, we understand how maintain the experience no matter the design or technology used to browse your site.