WPEngine is the #1 platform for hosting WordPress with 1.5 million websites managed, 175k+ customers in over 150 countries and 5 Billion+ requests processed daily, WPEngine know a thing or two about the world’s biggest CMS. Providing WordPress users with the power to scale, secure and adapt to the ever changing needs of the web, WPEngine is a leader in WordPress tech and management.

However, beyond their class leading hosting platform WPEngine has a commitment to the wider WordPress community, working with practitioners across all different elements of the platform. With this in mind, each year WPEngine run the De{Code} virtual developers conference. Bringing together some of the brightest and forward thinking minds from the WordPress community, WPEngine will open up their vast knowledge of WordPress then, now and the future. For interested parties this provides a window into not only the WPEngine eco-system but WordPress itself.

A single day event, held online, De{Code} brings industry leaders together to speak about headless WordPress, eCommerce, managed WordPress hosting and the builder experience. A global event the topics will not only allow attendees to learn from some of the thought leaders in the market place but bring together commentary and ideas from all over the world.

This year’s event will include industry leaders such as:

Jason Cohen – WPEngine CTO and Founder

Jason Bahl – WPEngine Principal Software Engineer

Joe Sullivan – Cloudflare Chief Security Officer

Plus many more.

The event will be held across different times zone, including APAC, North America and EMEA.

Elementary Digital are proud to sponsor the virtual conference and will be actively available on the day via the portal system. We’re looking forward to hearing the upcoming innovations for WPEngine and WordPress in 2022 and beyond.

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