WordPress Websites, no. 1 in the world


WordPress is fast becoming the leading choice for company websites, with over 75 million sites on the web powered by WordPress. There are a few reasons why WordPress is the leading content management system:

–       Long term: WordPress isn’t disappearing anytime soon! As the web progresses and develops, so will WordPress – so there’s no need to worry about doing that yourself. Your design can be changed and updated without having to worry about the content and broken links; a new design can simply be dropped in.

–       SEO: WordPress sites are designed for Google’s search robot to crawl them easily – making the content management system’s structure great for search engine optimisation. Unlike flash-based websites, WordPress are text-based sites, with careful graphic design as to not look like they are dominated by text, making it easy for Google to crawl.

–       Grows as you grow: WordPress is flexible, and will grow alongside your website’s growth. New themes and feature upgrades are easy to incorporate without having to re-do the entire website.

–       Plugins: There are a huge range of plugins and extensions for WordPress out there, offering a much thorough implementation of plugins compared to many other platforms. Whether you’re looking for maps, sliders, forums, shopping carts, plugins can be easily added to any part of the site without having to edit the core.

Elementary Digital have been designing and building bespoke WordPress websites for over eight years and put simply we love it. From a simple multiple page website through to ecommerce WordPress provides flexibility, cost efficiencies and a system that is perhaps the most SEO friendly in the world.

According to W3Techs.com WordPress now has a 60% share of worldwide content management systems, this equates to one fifth of web sites in the world being powered by WordPress…we think that’s pretty impressive and that’s why it’s our no.1 choice for websites.


Author Gyles Seward

Gyles is our Managing Director and knowledgeable in all things WordPress.

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