Dedicated WordPress Agency

Sure there’s a lot of SEO companies out there, however how many can profess to being 100% WordPress and knowing every element of the world’s biggest content management system? Elementary Digital is a dedicated WordPress agency and we know every aspect of the code for SEO.

The World’s Best For SEO

With a development community of millions throughout the world, WordPress provides the best website framework for SEO. Why you ask? Once installed it’s already covering all elements of best practice, but add a series of SEO plugins and it’s covering all aspects of SEO.

WordPress SEO

From the way your WordPress website is hosted to the best SEO plugins, our in-house marketing team are actively developing presence for our clients through maximising the power of the WordPress platform.

Digital Marketing Agency

We’re very proud to be 100% WordPress, but at our core we’re a digital marketing agency and put SEO at the centerĀ of everything we do. We believe visibility comes before a pretty design and ensure any WordPress website we work on has an underlying SEO strategy in place.

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