WordPress can be one of the most secure platforms in the world. A development community of millions, regular updates and dedicated WordPress hosting all ensure that your site can remain safe. However, poorly managed sites are still vulnerable and subject to attacks. Security on your website is top of our agenda when developing in WordPress – We ensure your website stays safe and is resistant to hacking.

How do we keep your WordPress site secure?

We’ve been developing in WordPress for over 10 years so we understand what’s required to make your website stays safe. If you want to find out more about WordPress security, we have developed a security checklist you can look over yourself.

Our experience has helped us create a blueprint for securing WordPress websites. Working across hosting, code, plugins and common vulnerabilities we put in place measures to ensure your website will never be hacked. We’re so confident that if it is we’ll repair it free of charge.

Secure WordPress Hosting

The starting point of securing your WordPress website – We only offer dedicated WordPress hosting. This means our entire hosting framework is designed for this platform and makes it 100% secure. Our firewall blocks all known attacks and updates hourly, further to this we automatically scan for malware stopping any attacks now and in the future.

Curated Plugins

WordPress Plugins provide a powerful means to add functionality to your website. They can also provide ‘back-doors’ to your code and make your site vulnerable. At Elementary Digital we work to a curated plugin list ensuring only secure and stable plugins are used.

Why work with us?

Were experts in WordPress and we have worked with 100’s of websites to ensure they stay secure and safe
Dedicated account management and project management teams which will work with our developers to ensure any security concerns are addressed in the development of your website
With our 24/7 365 day support, we quickly pick up any security issues you have

Want to secure your WordPress site? Speak to the experts

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