WordPress Protip – How To Search In Files Content

WordPress Protip – How To Search In Files Content

James Fawcett

When you are running your business via a WordPress site, you need to make sure that it is easy to navigate and understand if you want to keep your customers. Visitors might want to search your site for information to track something down quickly but if you don’t have the right WordPress search plugin then they might end up looking elsewhere. Here, we are going to discuss one of the best WordPress search plugins which is called WordPress FullText Search. Keep reading to find out more.

WordPress FullText Search

If you want to improve the search system on your WordPress site, you should think about installing WordPress FullText Search. This plugin works really well, and it uses a word-based index in order to make it easy for users to get the right results that they need. It can include things like meta fields and attachment files, so it can come up with some really good results.

Not only does this plugin work well but it also supports many different formats. You’ll find that PDF, DOCX, DOC and many more are all supported. You’ll also find that this WordPress search plugin adds to the WP built-in system. This means that the plugin is a lot more functional than many of the other search plugins out there right now.

The Features of WordPress FullText Search

This plugin has many great features for both the web developer and the visitors to the site. Users will find that the search results are actually displayed in a similar way to Google which they will already be familiar with – making it easier to understand. There are also free and pro versions of this plugin so that you can get to grips with it before committing to a purchase. Another important feature of this particular plugin is that you can actually specify the sorting criteria for the search. This means that you can organise your search results into things like relevance, slug, comment count and many more things. This makes your site easier to understand and manage.

Advantages of WordPress FullText Search

There are many advantages to having this WordPress search plugin. It offers a faster searching process, flexibility and a lot of customisable options. You will also find that this search plugin is extremely accurate. It uses its own database to base its information off, so you don’t need to worry about information being out of date or inaccurate.

A further advantage of the WordPress FullText Plugin is that it comes with a free version. This means that you can test out the system and see how well it works before you make the purchase. From there, you can be sure that you are going to pay a good price for the pro version as they have done a good job of keeping it low.

Make sure to try out this plugin if you want to be able to search in files content on your WordPress site.

James Fawcett

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