Managed Plugin Installation

With over 30,000 plugins available in the marketplace it can be difficult to understand which is best for you and will provide the function you need. Don’t panic, we can help, we actively monitor plugins and can provide a managed installation service ensuring all the functionality without the issues.


If you have an off-line system or a piece of software that can deliver a data feed then we can link with it and make it into something meaningful on your website. We work with multiple software developers to create seamless links to WordPress websites.

Bespoke Plugins

Struggling to find a plugin that matches the requirements of your website? We develop bespoke plugins that are 100% customised around the requirements of your business. Whether it’s integration, data creation or simple logic we can create any plugin you require.

Curated WordPress Plugins

We work with the WordPress community to curate a list of preferred plugins. Each plugin is scored for its code quality, stability and security. We only recommend tested and trusted plugins for our WordPress websites.

Need help with a plugin? Contact us today.