WordPress Plugins That Work with Your Content Marketing Strategy

WordPress Plugins That Work with Your Content Marketing Strategy


When developing a content marketing strategy, it is important that you install the very best plugins on your WordPress website that will help you to stay on track. Plugins can be used to allow you to capture leads and emails, evaluate your content to ensure that what you are putting out there is attracting attention, and finally you need to be able to optimise your content effectively for search engine optimisation purposes. Here, we are taking you through our favourite plugins that will work well with your content strategy.

Start Off with Yoast

The first plugin that you should install to help you improve your content marketing strategy is Yoast. This will be the foundation for all your content and you should keep it in mind even as you are writing content. Yoast is a plugin designed to help you with your SEO and it will give you suggestions on how to optimise pages and posts for keywords. However, to really make Yoast effective, you need to have a great keyword phrase to begin with. Yoast’s job is to let you know if a keyword is being used properly and where you should be placing it throughout your post.

A Step By Step Guide to Using Yoast

After installing Yoast, the first thing that you will need to do is use a keyword research tool to ensure you are finding high quality keywords that people are searching for. You should then try and work this phrase into your content using proper SEO content writing techniques.

As part of your content marketing strategy, you will need to include a clear call to action and you can use the Max Buttons to do this. This call to action should send users to a sperate page where they can be converted into a lead. This is where the Gravity Forms plugin comes into play. This plugin will allow you to build amazing forms in a matter of minutes and get more leads coming into your business. You can also integrate it with another third party service such as PayPal. OptinMonster is another plugin that you should integrate into your WordPress website as part of an effective content marketing strategy as it a powerful lead generation tool that will convert abandoning visitors into subscribers. This plug in will capture the people who don’t click through to the lead generation form.

After publishing your content, you can then distribute it across social media in order to encourage interaction and you can install the relevant social media plug ins to allow you to do this. Finally, you can measure how effective your content marketing strategy is with Google Analytics where you can see who your most prominent target audience is, where they are coming from to view your content and how long they are spending reading it.

Integrate each of these fantastic WordPress plugins to improve your content marketing strategy today.