WordPress Myths Debunked

WordPress Myths Debunked


Some people are sceptical of WordPress. Not us, we think it’s the best platform around which is why we use it to build safe, secure and attractive websites for our clients. However, there are a few myths floating around about WordPress that really need to be put to bed once and for all.

WordPress is for blogs.

WordPress was for blogs back in the day when it was first set up, but now it is a fully functioning content management system and development platform. This means users can create full websites, with their own themes and thousands of plugins to choose from to boost the functionality of any site.

WordPress isn’t secure.

There are over 60 million websites out there that use WordPress which does make it attractive to hackers. However, the reason that these 60 million websites choose WordPress is because it is constantly being updated and managed to maintain its high level of security.

WordPress isn’t the best platform for big business.

This one is easy to debunk. If this were true, then why would CNN, Forbes, Harvard Law School, TechCrunch and more use WordPress? If speed is the thing that is worrying you about the CMS, simply host on a private server with high speed connections, add in a CDN, and your problem is solved!

Open source means no support.

Some people claim that when a product is open-source, users are left to figure it out for themselves. NOT TRUE! WordPress has millions of developers who are passionate about the platform and there are thousands upon thousands of resources out there to help.

WordPress plugins are suspect.

With over 30,000 plugins in the library, it may be that some are less than par. However, plugins are regularly reviewed and rated by users which means you can easily see which ones are fantastic and which ones should be avoided.


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