WordPress London Meet Up

WordPress London Meet Up

WordPress London meet up every month at City University London, College Building. Aimed at developers and general WordPress users, they get together on the last Thursday of every month to have talks and discussions around various WordPress-centric topics, a question and answer session and then enjoying a few pints at the local pub (obviously). It’s great if you want to meet up with some fellow WordPress bods to talk about everything and anything WordPress related, as well as an opportunity to make some new friends, contacts and colleagues.

Last month saw a talk on building a WordPress site for the catering and hospitality sector. Not just a brochure site though – a fully integrated system which helps caterers plan menus, store recipes and calculate costs! This was from Kirsty Burgoine, a WordPress dev from Shropshire.

Next up was a talk on Amazon Web Services and how the flexible cloud-based service can help you build scalable websites which can serve 100,000s of users around the world. The talk was from Ric Harvey and dealt with:

  • Installing CoreOS in EC2
  • Github for code storage
  • Running a Container
  • Elastic Loads
  • Balancers and SSL offload
  • RDS for databasesS3
  • The new EFS Service
  • CloudFront
  • SES
  • Elastic Search and Google Search

Finally, Tim Nash talked about the wp-admin interface and asked is it over?

The meet up is a great place to pop into to get the lowdown on all things WordPress, so if you are in the area, you should check it out. If it’s a little out of your way, find something closer to home that suits you.