WordPress Live Chat Solutions

WordPress Live Chat Solutions


Websites often need a live chat function. It can be the perfect call to action to help persuade customers and clients that you are what they are looking for in an instant, helping your business to be a success. For example, online shoppers respond very well to live chat functions as it means that any query that they may have about a product can be answered there and then.

Here are five free live chat plugins for WordPress that we recommend.

ClickDesk Live Support

ClickDesk Live Support allows people to instantly click to voice call you from their browsers or through ringing a local number (in 40+ countries). It’s a customisable plugin which comes in multiple languages.

Live Chat-Casengo

A popular choice is Casengo as this solution allows you to communicate through social media as well as live chat on your website. This means you can keep an eye on all channels to make sure that you are seeing all customer enquiries in one place.

Quick Chat 

A self-hosted chat solution, Quick Chat lets you have private chat, chat rooms, word filtering, avatars, emojis and more. It’s all stored in your own database so you are in complete control.

 Zopim Live Chat

Showing as a chat bar on the bottom of your website, the award winning live chat plugin Zopim allows you to talk to website visitors easily. Visitors can talk to you by clicking on the Chat Widget.

Flyzoo Live Chat

Another more comprehensive chat plugin, Flyzoo Live Chat lets you monitor visitors in real time as well as having the chat room function, word filtering, emojis, user lists and more.

Pure Chat 

A more lightweight option, Pure Chat knows where your customers are and also has canned responses for common questions.


Over to you – if you use live chat, which service do you prefer?