WordPress is the easy option isn’t it?

WordPress is the easy option isn’t it?


Websites are complex, we’ll if you want to create one that is worthwhile and going to deliver results. They take time, thought and most important expertise. It’s the shop window for your business, charity, organization…whatever you do.

Unfortunately the abundance of ‘hosting’ companies that offer ‘create your own website’ solutions are not helping with this feeling of dumbing down website design that it’s so easy to create a website. Which brings me on to the other side of ‘simplify’ the process of website design and development.

To be clear we love WordPress, we begun like many ‘playing’ in it many moons ago (beyond 2008), then we started to seriously use it for website development in 2008, ever since we’ve not found anything that matches up to it (although Magento is pretty special). However there is a large proportion of the population assuming that WordPress and it’s back catalogue of themes offer an easy option when trying to set up.

We get contacted everyday by people that have set up WordPress sites and below are some of the elements we discuss:

  1. ‘The theme doesn’t look like it did on the preview’ – the theme shops do a very effective job of selling you the dream of having a professional looking website without the cost, however they stuff them full of images, padding content and often code to make them look impressive. When loaded the theme shows some basic layout features and colours, however all the structure will be missing, you’ve got to add it. Remember not all themes are created equal, some are more complicated than learning code. Don’t panic though we help people everyday to get the look they want.
  2. WordPress Hosting – sure you can get ‘cheap’ WordPress hosting, only problems is cheap usually means poor performance and vulnerable. If you’ve saved money on getting your website up and running then put more into hosting. Dedicated WordPress hosting (like ours), provides, safe, secure, fast and scalable hosting for a website. Believe us there is nothing better than piece of mind when hosting your website…imagine the impact if it’s down because it’s been hacked (loss search presence, revenue, etc)
  3. Set a side a budget to perfect the site – unless you live and breath WordPress or have the time to learn you will always need to work with a developer to perfect your website. Templates can be great and provide huge flexibility, however they can also be extremely frustrating and leave you with a website that simply doesn’t display as you wish. Have a contingency and speak with a WordPress agency (or WordPress developer) at the very least they can help you.

WordPress is brill, however as is true with any website it can be extremely frustrating when it doesn’t work for you. Don’t suffer in frustration, instead take on board this advice and speak to a WordPress expert about support.