WordPress in 2016 – More than just the REST API

WordPress in 2016 – More than just the REST API


You may be forgiven for thinking that the only thing happening in the WordPress world is the REST API… yeah, sorry about that, we’re just really very excited about it over here at Elementary Digital.

However, here are some of the other changes coming soon!


There is a drive from the WordPress team to get it translated into as many languages as possible and over the course of the year we can expect that each release of the CMS will see the number of language versions grow as polyglots do their work. Both the platform itself and the many themes and plugins that are available are being translated, allowing the WordPress CMS and all its extras to be used by a truly global community.


The newest version of WordPress 4.4 has over 200 accessibility tickets solved, making it even easier to use. With the improvements such as Calypso happening and new interfaces no doubt on the way, we can expect to see interfaces which make it even easier to use for those with sensory impairments.

Responsive Images

With more and more people using the web on mobile devices, there is now a shift to have responsive images that not only look smaller on a smaller screen but that actually are smaller file sizes as part of the whole responsive package.


Theme developers need to start using Customizer as part of their themes instead of theme options because it is becoming more and more the default option with its live editing of settings, widgets, menus and more. This could be quite complex for more advanced themes.

This year WordPress is definitely on the cusp of something incredible.


Author Gyles Seward

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