WordPress Goes Open Source

WordPress Goes Open Source

Andy Holland

WordPress is great. One of the reasons it is so brilliant is the fact that it is open source. Well, hold onto your hats – it’s now even more open source!


Well, thanks to some changes from Automattic, the web dev corporation behind the behemoth that is wordpress.com, the site that serves an incredible 15.8billion pages a month, we’re seeing positive changes happening over at the hosted version of WordPress in the form of a rewrite. This rewrite has been called Calypso by the company.

The script has been opened to developers over at GitHub, with the code now available under the GNU General Public License version 2. PHP and MySQL have been dumped in favour of JavaScript and API calls.

Separating wordpress.com and WordPress, the website is now capable of interacting with WordPress much like any other third party app. This means that users can expect instant page loads, instant publishing, previews, changes in real time and not through pressing refresh, multi-device support, multisite management, ease of use when looking at other WordPress sites with Reader and WordPress discover, and integration with a slew of third party apps – the key missing ingredient from the site before.

“Our existing codebase and workflows had served us well, but ten years of legacy was beginning to seriously hinder us from building the modern, fast, and mobile-friendly experiences that our users expect. It seemed like collaboration between developers and designers was not firing on all cylinders,” said Andy Peatling, Calypso project lead.

Hurray! It’s definitely about time WordPress.com caught up with the self-hosted options. It makes setting up and running a website even easier than ever before.

With 58.7% of the CMS market, WordPress and the hosted option WordPress.com seem unstoppable.