WordPress Ecommerce Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

WordPress Ecommerce Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Andy Holland

It’s the start of a new year which means exciting opportunities and brand-new trends ready to be exploited. For those with an ecommerce site, there’s even greater potential than ever before. The latest WordPress update is not only stacked with useful features to save you time, but also brings a new way to attract and maintain your audience.

As WordPress adapts to the evolving needs of internet users, so should you in your approach to online selling. Here’s some of the biggest ecommerce trends anticipated for the year ahead.

Even more mobile-first websites

This doesn’t come as a shock given mobile users are surpassing desktop users at an unprecedented rate. As we become more dependent on our mobile device, it would only make sense that developers create ‘mobile-first’ platforms. But apart from the obvious reasons to go fully response, it’s now widely recognised that Google favours the mobile-first website. There’s never been a better time to switch to mobile-first themes.

The uptake of HTTPS

Security on the web is especially important for the online retailer. Thankfully, there’s some added reassurance for all web users in the form of HTTPS. Unlike the conventional HTTP which doesn’t protect any of your sent and received data from being intercepted, this encrypted format gives a secure transmission.

While it was difficult several years ago to obtain and implement SSL certificates, it’s now really easy to make the switch. Given that Google have confirmed HTTPS as a positive ranking factor, it’s time you set up HTTPS using the help of online tutorials.

The switch to immersive and VR themes

Twenty Seventeen is the latest theme to come out of the WordPress 4.7 update and it’s the most immersive layout yet. It’s given the millions of WordPress users access to a new realm of possibilities. From video headers to immersive images and other multi-media, you can expect websites to become a whole lot more engaging.

And that’s not the best part. With the onset of virtual reality, websites are already planning for this major technological trend. It’s a new concept for developers but an essential skill that will certainly be required in the not so distant future.

Greater emphasis on trust

The importance of testimonials is nothing new but it appears to be a trend that keeps on growing. Even more so in recent years where internet users have learnt to distinguish between reputable and scrupulous brands. Online reviews are now the go-to before making a purchase online.

That said, you’ll want to put major emphasis on testimonials. Have them listed on your site but more importantly, you should link to local directory pages such as Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google Maps. Encourage your visitors to read feedback from others who have bought of you.

Other platforms for ‘conversational commerce’

It may be a fairly new term but ‘conversational commerce’ is already a hotly debated topic in the ecommerce world. These push notifications can have a great effect on conversions, encouraging the user to make that purchase or visit your site once again. Currently, these notifications are solely via email.

If a customer abandons a shipping cart, you may send them an email to remind them. Or maybe you send an email alert to your customer database for an upcoming sale or when you get an exciting product in stock. While these are hugely popular right now, it’s thought that new forms of ‘conversational commerce’ are coming soon. The potential to contact a customer via text message, social media and other communication platforms.