WordPress CMS Usage


Scouring the interweb I found this very interesting pie chart showing the GLOBAL usage of WordPress as a content management system.



Further to our recent article (ed2014.wpengine.com/wordpress-websites-1-world/) this re-affirms the fact that WordPress is the biggest, best and continues to grow exponentially. It still amazes us that some class WordPress as a blogging platform, the fact of the matter is it’s been long time since it’s been classed as such and now it’s the most widely developed, supported and spoken about content management system in the world.

Recently one of our clients was quoted saying, ‘all WordPress websites are blocky and could limit the design of the site, shocked and taken a back I decided to demonstrate some examples of design lead WordPress websites, such as:


Let’s not pretend anymore WordPress is the biggest, the best and it’s here to stay…get on board!


Author Gyles Seward

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