Why WordPress Is The Best CMS In The World


WordPress is now the biggest content management system for websites in the world, advancing from its blogging platform reputation.

There are a few reasons why WordPress it the best CMS in the world:

1. Easy to use: You don’t need to be a developer to understand using WordPress. The admin interface is cleanly presented and straightforward looking. A few trial and errors, and you’ll get the hang of WordPress in no time.
2. Community: WordPress has a huge community behind it. Made up of developers and general WordPress enthusiasts, there’s not a question that won’t have already be answered by the WordPress community forums, or the thousands of WordPress bloggers out there.
3. Flexible: WordPress can be managed around your requirements. With a vast number of available plugins, it can allow you to do almost anything with your website. Woocommerce, for example, is the ecommerce plugin for WordPress, allowing a shopping element on your website that include adding products to a shopping cart in just a few clicks. Plugins range anything from file sharing, booking systems, forums and classified ads site.
4. Templates: There are numerous templates out there perfect for your website, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Themes are categorised, so browsing for a template for your industry is made far easier.
5. SEO: WordPress has SEO friendly URL’s and compatible page designs – making it your search engines best friend! There are also numerous plugins for SEO to optimise pages and posts.

What’s the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

WordPress.org is the resource centre for the self-hosted CMS software with thousands of themes and plugins released by the software community. WordPress.com is the free hosting service for WordPress blogs, which doesn’t allow you to choose your own domain name and gives you a subdomain name e.g. yourname.wordpress.com. WordPress.com can also limit the number of plugins you install for your blog, and does not allow for advertisements. The self-hosted option, even for bloggers, is definitely the way to go!