WordPress – A whole new interface for 2016?

WordPress – A whole new interface for 2016?


The REST API is going to mean big changes with the increased abilities of the WordPress platform. As it beds down more and more, people will use the API more widely. Tools will be made that make using the REST API easier. Another change we’re expecting to see in 2016 is that Calypso, the new interface, is expected to migrate from WordPress.com and Jetpack to all self-hosted sites. This will further increase the users who were confused by the interface or who were put off by having to use PHP.

Better User Interface

Calypso over on WordPress.com has been getting some rave reviews. It’s the biggest change to the admin interface in the 11 years since WordPress was launched. It’s already rolled out on the whole of WordPress.com and on the Jetpack plugin, so if you want to try out the new design, you can by simply installing the plugin.

The Jetpack plugin isn’t actually a different WordPress interface; it’s a separate application which uses the REST API to interact with your site. You will need to activate the WordPress.com┬ádesktop app or you can log into WordPress.com and manage your self-hosted site through there. You’ll need the Jetpack plugin in both cases, with the Manage option selected.

So what can you expect from Calypso?

  • Less cluttered interface
  • Faster editing and publishing
  • Menu improvements
  • Installed themes and plugins
  • Ability to edit site settings

You can’t customise your theme from the app though; you’ll have to head over to the Customizer in your browser to do that.

It might feel weird editing your site remotely for a while, but as the interface is reviewed over the year, we can expect there to be further updates throughout 2016.