WordPress 4.2 – What’s New?

WordPress 4.2 – What’s New?

Andy Holland

WordPress 4.2 has landed in our laps so we’re taking a look at what’s new.

In a move that will help them conquer even more of the globe, WordPress 4.2 now supports several new character sets by default. These include Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters. There’s also new support for mathematical and musical symbols, in addition to, strangely enough, the addition of support for hieroglyphs!

Oh yeah, it now supports emojis too :/

For the developers out there we have a host of new technical improvements that might be of interest – support for utf8mb4, audible notifications for screen readers via Javascript, shared term splitting and complex query ordering. Perhaps the main one of interest for website owners is the audible notifications. If you’re working on accessibility this could be really powerful for you site.

Press This is back and better than ever for direct sharing from your browser or mobile device. Share content with ease – no more fiddling around sending files around so you can post them!

In a small but helpful change permalinks are now the default. Such a simple step but very much appreciated! Another minor change is to make plugin upgrades smoother – keeping you on the same page during the process. With plugins updating rapidly with new features and security patches this is rather helpful.

What do you like most about the new WordPress and what features would you like to see next?


Image credit: Tom Hall https://www.flickr.com/photos/tom_hall_nz/15865606363 under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/