WordPress 4.0 aka “Benny” is here – so what’s new?


WordPress 4.0 is now available – named “Benny” in honour of American musician and bandleader Benny Goodman, it has a real focus on usability features. This means our clients with WordPress websites should notice a real improvement in their workflow. Let’s take a look at the new features they’ll enjoy:

Visualise embedded content

These updates are intended to help workflow – cutting out some of the little extra steps you need to take when creating content. One such extra step is adding embedded content. Previously, you would add a YouTube video, for example, go to preview to see if it worked, then come back to the editor and make any required changes. Now you’ll see a true preview of your embedded content right in the editor.

Better media management

Another aspect of WordPress content management that has always felt a little bit jarring is managing media to insert into a post/page. The new release provides a smooth endless grid for searching for the ideal image.

Watch your words

The editor not following your content as it was created was a distracting issue, drawing too much of your attention from writing. It could be so bad that many people I know compose externally to WordPress and paste in the finished work afterwards. This could all change with improvements to the editor that means it will expand as you compose, always keeping the formatting tools available.

Plugin improvements

Plugins have been a blessing and a curse in WordPress for some time. On the plus side you can add new functionality making WordPress a very powerful platform. A major drawback until now has always been in finding the right plugin – sorting the discontinued, unsupported and, frankly, rubbish from the gems was time consuming at best.

The new version fixes this as it now shows new metrics and has a better search system that makes browsing plugins a snap.


If you would like the power of a WordPress website – or if you need help backing up, upgrading and testing for the move to 4.0 please give us a call on 020 8123 6303 or use our contact form.