WordPress 3.8 – What’s new and why is it brilliant?


WordPress is the choice of content management system for close to 60% of the CMS market, powering around 20% of websites. With continuous updates, we’re always on the look out for the new features and functionality updates, and this was the same for WordPress 3.8, but what’s new and why is it brilliant?

Codenamed “MP6”, the new User Interface has been designed in response to a range of concerns. The core code now compromises of MP6 and its cohorts DASH (simplified dashboard), the Widget Area Chooser and THX38 (new theme experience). This provides users with a simpler more accessible administrative experience.

1. Responsive: Fully responsive. All screen sizes change, layout resizes and reformats helping to provide a great user experience on computers, phones and tablets. The toolbar alters with screen size, becoming touch friendly with buttons increasing in size as the screen size decreases.
2. Fonts: Change of font! The Google font Open Sans has been introduced to replace the previous new user interface font Arial. Readability has increased with the increase spacing between letters, and the image-based icons have been replaced for a custom Dashicon font. This ensures fonts stay sharp and clear, no matter what screen size you are using.
3. Theme Manager: The new update provides a less cluttered, ore intuitive interface for the theme manager, a minimalist approach. There’s no longer a vertical separation between themes available to you and your active theme. You can now get a better overview of available themes and look at theme info in more depth.
4. Widget Management: Simpler widget selection has been introduced, helping those out with a widget heavy site. You are now able to change the settings from the traditional drag and drop. Users are able to select the widgets and select which sidebar they would like it to appear, alleviating plenty of drag and drop frustration!
5. New Theme: The new default theme for the 3,8 update has been released, named Twenty Fourteen. The new theme is heavily content focused, providing a variety of options. Heavy focus on featured content sliders, large images, the header allows for a large image or logo, sticky or tab based posts on the optional featured content area viewed as tiled or in a carousel and the main content is displayed between two widgetised areas.