WordPress 3.7, What’s New?


WordPress updates are usually released every few months with great new features and bug fixes so you stay ahead of the game. With the latest update on October 24 2013, WordPress 3.7, we look at what’s new.

–       Improved Global Support: Localisation has improved, with WordPress promising to provide more complete, faster translations. Language files are now kept up to date, WordPress has recognised a large number of websites wont be using English.

–       Multi-site Function: You no longer need to use direct database queries on your WordPress multi-site network, the new function [wp_get_sites()] allows you to fetch an array of all sites.

–       Background Updates: Background maintenance and security updates are automatic, there’s no need to even click for the upgrade anymore! Updates take less than 25 seconds – and the WordPress team have tested 110,000 websites without a single failure!

–       Search Improvements: Search is now done in relevance order with WordPress 3.7, rather than just by the date – making it much easier when searching for specifics!

–       Querying Dates: Posts can now be queried within a particular date range or matching a certain criteria such as articles posted on a Tuesday in February.

–       Password Strength: Common, weak passwords can now be recognised for example names, keyboard sequences, number sequences etc.

–       And there’s more… in-system and codex documentation has been updated, accessibility improvements have been made and ore than 437 bugs have been closed.