Why You Should Improve Your Blog Readability

Why You Should Improve Your Blog Readability


With so much information readily available online, you need to make sure your blog readability is excellent! Why so? Well, people will simply get bored and move onto the next piece of information! When you have blogs that are easy to read, you are guaranteed to see more conversions coming through. Below, we have our top tips to help you improve your blog readability.

Cater to Your Audience

The first big tip that we can give you is to cater to your audience! Take into consideration who your blog is aimed at and write it accordingly. For example, if you are writing posts aimed at children, keep the sentences short and simple. On the other hand, if you are writing for scientists with a Ph.D then you can make your writing a little more challenging.

Make Your Paragraphs Clear

When making your blog readability great, you will want to focus on providing clear paragraphs. Start off with the most important sentence at the beginning of a paragraph and then elaborate from there. This will hook the reader from the outset as they will know exactly what the relevant content within the paragraph is. Furthermore, we would also advise not to make your paragraphs too long as this can put some readers off.

Limit Sentence Word Count

Another top tip we can give you to help with blog readability is to make sure that you are writing short sentences. When writing shorter sentences, they are easy to read and understand. Furthermore, this also is beneficial to you as it means you will probably make fewer mistakes when writing your content! To search engines, any sentences containing more than twenty words are considered long. To overcome this, ensure that your paragraphs are limited to only one long sentence.

Use Words with 4 Syllables or Less

To search engines, words containing four or more syllables are considered difficult to read and you should limit their use. If the subject you are writing about contains words longer than this, just be sure to keep your sentences and paragraphs shorter to overcome this. It is also important to remember that using difficult words can mean you are limiting your audience. When doing keyword research, you will tend to find that shorter words and phrases are more commonly searched for.

The Importance of Transition Words

You may not have considered it before, but transition words are extremely important in blog readability. When you use proper transition words, this can give direction to your readers and signal what you are going to say next. Readers can understand your content better when they can see the relationship between two sentences and transition words help with this.

Use Yoast SEO to Help with Your Blog Readability

If you need more help improving your blog readability, we would suggest using a tool such as YOAST SEO. This will help you write readable copy that will help you with both conversions and search engine ranking. If you have used YOAST before, leave us a comment with your thoughts on this tool.


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