Why you should have an evergreen content strategy

Why you should have an evergreen content strategy


Timeless content will continue to engage with your readers long after you hit the publish button. They are posts and ideas that hardly change with the passing of time and continue to remain relevant.

Evergreen content forms the foundation of your content strategy and can gain you readers who are seeking an expert view or those who are new to the field and looking for content to help them out.

Businesses are set to gain much from content that has a long lifespan. So how do you go about creating evergreen content and what are the benefits?

What is evergreen content?

There are many forms of evergreen content, from how-to articles, top ten lists and case studies. These will always remain relevant and will only need updating every now and then. News articles, reports and statistics don’t work that well as they tend to date very quickly


As mentioned previously, the shining light of evergreen content is that it sticks around when other content has faded into the background. It offers much in the way of aiding business growth and can benefit your SEO efforts too.

Search rankings and traffic

Topical news will often perform well in search rankings however, this will only be for a limited time while it is relevant.

Content that is of high-quality, timeless and highly optimised for search engines performs well over time will attract links and engagement that pleases Google. Although the impact may not be immediate, overtime your content will enter a thriving cycle of higher rankings, more links, and increased visits.

Lead generation

Content is a great tool for lead generation and as long as your evergreen content remains relevant there is no reason why those articles will lose steam. A post that provides useful information to your reader is more likely to be shared across social networks, bringing with it fresh leads and prospects for your business.

How to create evergreen content

There are a number of ways to create evergreen content that will hold the attention of your readers, including those who don’t usually have the time to read.

Evergreen articles get away with being longer than most blog posts, which means there is plenty of scope for elaborating on the subject and optimising for SEO purposes. Ensure that your content is well planned and researched. Don’t forget to include reliable sources that can be used later on for outreach campaigns.

Keep in mind the tone, usefulness, clarity of your article so that it encourages your reader to share the information with others. A simple way of achieving this is going back to basics. If you run a health food business, write an article about the benefits of spinach as this will stand the test of time.

Don’t bury content

Make your content easy to find on your website. Do this by showcasing content on the sidebar of your website, link to content through your posts or freshen up and re-run content when the time is right.