Why You Should Clean Up Your Email List

Why You Should Clean Up Your Email List


The success of your email campaign relies on a healthy email database. Customers are becoming smarter when it comes responding to email campaigns and are able to drown out the ones that don’t offer any value.

Personalisation is expected more than ever before, which is why it is important to keep your email lists from going stale. If you have spent the time crafting the perfect email campaign, sending it out to a list that has been purchased or is out of date will be a waste of money and could be damaging to your brand.

Why Does It Matter?

Internet Service Providers, Email Service Providers, spam monitors and email security services set the threshold for what makes an acceptable email campaign.  If you send out your email to an unqualified and unmanaged list, it could rack up the amount of unsubscribers, undelivered messages and spam complaints which will push your campaign over those threshold limits.

List Bloat

A bloated email list filled with inactive subscribers is a difficult thing to manage. Volatile open rates and click-through rates can prove disheartening, especially as you see your list grow. Most importantly, if your goal is to increase sales then you need to ensure that your message is getting in front of the right people and personalised toward them.

Opt In Doesn’t Always Matter

Protecting your email campaign from the spam box doesn’t necessarily depend on whether your customers opt in or out of emails. For example, you may subscribe to an email campaign and accept those marketing pushes for several months. Yet, if you receive one or two lousy emails that have absolutely no relevance to you then it is likely you will start assigning emails from the sending straight to the spam box.

Give Your List a Spring Clean

Before you go ahead with your next campaign, there are a number of steps you can take to help you revive a list that is past its best.

Firstly, look carefully at the email addresses you acquire and apply strategic thinking to any new leads.  There are numerous tools out there that will help with lead scoring and grading solutions that will automatically check all leads and assess their fit to your business.

Email Verification Tools

Email verification and hygiene providers go through your email lists and finds ones that are no longer in use. After all, people change job, leave businesses and it’s those addresses that could leave you at risk from being blocked by your ISP and ESP. Here are a few handy tools that will help your email reach the inbox:

Ampliz – Verify your customer email addresses to help deliver maximum response rate

BriteVerify Email Validation – Tools to help remove invalid email addresses, using a drag and drop file, share the file via cloud and offers detailed reporting

DataValidation – Offers free list quality reporting, ability to integrate with your favourite ESPs and real-time batch verification APIs

Although your list will never be 100 percent accurate, by keeping your list up to date will increase engagement and responses.