Why WordPress Is Perfect For Your Website


It’s no secret that at Elementary Digital we are huge WordPress fans. WordPress is easy for our clients to take control over, gets better search results, enhances websites throughout the process, saves our clients money and has the ability to incorporate advanced functionality such as user-submitted content, e-commerce etc. We put together ten reasons on why WordPress is perfect for your website…

  1. Your website can grow with you: WordPress is flexible, as you grow as a website your website can grow with you. It is easily upgraded for new features, and new themes can be added easily without having to re-do the whole website.
  2. Customise existing themes: Clients don’t always require a custom web design. WordPress allows existing themes to be customised and tweaked to client requirements. As the themes are independent from the content, themes can easily be swapped and edited whilst still keeping your functionality and content in place.
  3. Variety of plugins allow for further functionality: WordPress offers a much thorough implementation of plugins compared to many other platforms. Plugins allow you to add a variety of functions to a website, such as shopping carts, maps, forums, sliders and a many more functionality add-ons. The coding for WordPress means that they can be added to any part of the WordPress without having to edit the core.
  4. WordPress can be easily kept secure: It is extremely easy to update WordPress for security, and when an update is available for new functionality WordPress make it easy by providing a one-click upgrade link.
  5. Open source: Many other platforms begin to charge when you hit a certain size or close off some of its code to you. One of the great things about WordPress is that it is a completely free open source, with no hidden agendas and no surprise additional costs!
  6. Blogs can be easily added to your website: Blogs are a great way to involve and attract more visitors to your website and to make Google notice you. WordPress allows for categories, threaded commenting, widgets, tags, moderation controls, anti-spam solutions and easy theming – making it a great blog solution!
  7. Accessibility: WordPress sites are usually easy to build and access on a range of technologies. The web pages render in CSS and HTML which allows them to show up on Android, IPhones, Blackberrys, IPads etc.
  8. Automattic stay ahead of the game: Automattic steer the develop of WordPress in the right direction with their constant updates of the product.
  9. User-friendly backend: The backend of WordPress is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate round. Its CMS is continually improving with added features such s galleries, trash, custom post types, threaded comments and more.
  10. WordPress is Google friendly: WordPress is great for SEO. The simple layouts, the easy linking and the permalinks in WordPress are all very attractive to Google.