Why Use a PPC Consultant?

PPC or ‘pay per click’ – is a typical form of marketing many online businesses implement to gain traffic to their websites. Devising such a strategy can be complex and involve considerable research before obtaining the right presence in the paid adverts and a cost effective price for each click generated to the online business website.

Typically a PPC consultant will have the knowledge to research the right keywords the business should be targeting traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Experience in the industry can be invaluable here for knowing what the bid rate should roughly be and how well the keyword can convert for the business in question. From such knowledge the right levels of bidding can be implemented meaning that the business has a better chance of not over paying for the traffic.

By optimising a website and making it more relevant to the keywords that a PPC consultant has identified as being relevant to the works of a business – logically you might get a better bid rate. On-site optimisation is a very important part of PPC. A PPC consultant can help identify which content needs to be created for certain keyword optimisation and improve existing pages such as the homepage to help improve the relevancy for core-term keywords which have been targeted.

A PPC consultant who monitors the campaign can also help identify keywords that the company should not be bidding on for traffic. These can be identified by the consultant as keywords that do not convert to sales or in some circumstance the traffic is so expensive and the average cost per conversion identified from the keyword is not in align with the budget of the online business/return on investment.

A PPC strategy can be progressed over time and improved with adding negative keywords and improving the relevancy of the landing pages set. A PPC consultant will be able to monitor this over time and make appropriate recommendations moving forward to improve the strategy and obtain more cost-effective traffic.