Why is SEO so important for businesses in Yorkshire

Considered to be a pre-requisite of any business looking to develop its presence or simply maintaining its market share, SEO or search engine optimisation as its sometimes known is misunderstood and can be confused for being the messiah for businesses looking to gain answers to their dropping sales. In some circles SEO has been promoted as a, ‘dark art’ with voodoo techniques to push you to the top of search engines, however we don’t preach it as being complicated, instead we believe that if you follow a set of fluid rules then you can use SEO to your advantage.

Think of it like this, SEO at its core is a type of marketing and just like advertising, direct mail and more traditional marketing methods, and just like these techniques if its targeted then it can deliver results. Unfortunately to many businesses in and around Yorkshire have been stung by self-proclaimed Google ‘experts’ who offer ‘First page results’ within months. Elementary Digital speak with businesses everyday about SEO and try to demistfy the alchemy behind the process of develop presence online and to re-instil confidence in it’s scope to offer their companies more than traditional marketing. The ED team tell businesses to remember these important considerations:

  • Business reach through greater visibility – there is no more effective way to put your brand in front of your audience, both old and new. Millions (if not trillions) of people are searching for your business services and products everyday, if you’re shown in the search results this puts you in the mix to sell. SEO provides you with the scope to increase your brands reach both locally and nationally, for 80% of the clients we work with we have improved their presence locally and then used search engine optimisation to explore new opportunities for them.
  • Conversion orientated traffic – when people search for a product or service online they are usually researching, planning or buying. At any point if your site is found and they like the experience you offer then you are more likely to convert. No other promotion method can put you in front of your audience at the right time.
  • Business credibility – to be found via search and then have supporting credibility via reviews and social media adds real credibility to your business and encourages the most powerful marketing medium in the world, ‘word of mouth’. Presence online is faceless, through engagement with your audience which comes from having top ranking results you have the opportunity to build your client base beyond using seo as the initial catalyst
  • Higher returns via search engine optimisation – it has been proved time and time again that seo delivers a high return on investment than any other type of media. If people are searching they’re interested (whether they’re researching or not) and there is a higher chance of them converting.
  • Insight and understanding – no other media provides as much insight and data about your customers. Search engine optimisation can be monitored and delivered in real time, using your website as the barometer for performance, no other media channel can offer this understanding.

At Elementary Digital we believe in applying digital intelligence, this means understanding data and acting on it. We adopt a purely holistic approach looking at the full end to end experience of being found via seo and then the interaction with the website. Don’t discount seo, it’s gone through a tough time but it still offers unrivalled results, which for any business can’t be questioned.