Why Marketers Should Publish on Medium?

Why Marketers Should Publish on Medium?


Great content deserves to be read, and not only by your loyal followers. If your blog posts aren’t reaching a large enough audience, it could be worth looking to blogging platform Medium. It’s a great way to share your story with thousands of users in a set-up with isn’t dissimilar to our favourite social media platforms such as Twitter. Thanks to an algorithmic timeline, only those blog posts are featured which a user is likely to be interested in.

Still not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons why any and all marketers should be posting on medium.

Leverage your existing audience

Medium lets you take your audience with you which is great news for those of you with countless Twitter and Facebook followers. Once you’ve linked your Medium profile to both Facebook and Twitter, Medium will recognise all those users which are currently using Medium and then automatically connect. Without any hassle, you’ve already grown an impressive following on this platform.

It’s so easy to import

I know what you’re thinking – can you really be bothered going through the publishing process twice? Thankfully, you won’t have to as Medium features an excellent import tool. Simply click ‘import a story’ and then you’ll be given options to edit the title, images and other formatting. You can even include the date of the original publication at the bottom of the post as well as a link to the original post.

Learn more with metrics

There’s something so satisfying about viewing metrics on a blog post that you’ve lovingly written. How many views did it get, what percentage of people read it from start to finish and who clicked ‘recommend’? With Medium, you’ll have access to all that information thanks to the impressive engagement metrics which can be found in the dashboard. You may be surprised with the results. Due to the nature of Medium where users expect and enjoy long form content, engagement can be far better than other platforms such as Twitter.

It’s great for networking

Medium is so useful for any part or full time blogger because all the work is done for you. After uploading the content that you’ve already written for your site, you may find yourself inundated with offers from other users. Those with a track record of consistently posting ‘recommended’ content may find themselves being approached by leading publishers. It could be your chance to write for Business Insider or the New York Observer.

You’ll gain more followers elsewhere

As mentioned, Medium initially connects to your existing Facebook and Twitter followers, but that’s not a one way street. Medium offers a surprisingly effective way to increase followers across all your other social platforms. In the ‘About the Author’ section, you’ll be given the chance to cross promote all your other social profiles from LinkedIn to Instagram and Pinterest. As you get more followers of your content, users will be more inclined to check out background info on the author, encouraging them to link with you across other platforms. It couldn’t be easier to reach a new audience and improve your network elsewhere.