Why Google analytics is essential for your website


What is Google Analytics? It would benefit your website as it is a completely free tool which follows how the visitors use your website. It offers a good range of operations as if you paid for it, so the fact it is free of charge will definitely be of benefit to you. It collects data not only from Google, but also from Yahoo! And MSN search engines making it the most complete analytical tool available.

If you do a search engine optimisation campaign then Google Analytics can check your keyword functioning, allowing you to achieve a good SEO campaign. The information that Google Analytics can provide will enlighten you about the way your website is used. You can identify which links and pages are the most visited, and where the traffic is coming from and going to on your site.

Visitor count will also be tracked using Google Analytics. It doesn’t just stop at knowing how many new visitors though – you can have a record of returning visitors, referral sources and the geography of your visitors.

How visitors find your website is an important factor in further optimising your website. Google Analytics can track what keywords visitors search for when they are directed to the page. Some keywords will be obvious, a core set that you have driven to be the keywords. This will grow and many keywords will appear on organic listings caused by your overall SEO effort.

With all of this information combined, you can modify your website accordingly, and potentially do copywriting on pages that aren’t converting well. Such improvements will be an investment for your business as improved quality will increase customers. To be successful, online marketing campaigns should always be tracked. Google Analytics is a useful and accomplished tracking tool to help you with this.