Why choose Magneto for your eCommerce store?


What is Magento? Magento is sells itself as a eCommerce solutions business aiming to improve online businesses whatever their size. It offers a range of different services, and is owned by eBay Inc. which means they should definitely know what they’re talking about! Here are 10 reasons why Magento could help your business to grow.

  1. There is no discrimination against size – this software will be appropriate for your needs whatever the company size. It can develop and progress with your company and be adaptable to its needs.
  2. Not just one design – there are 3 various levels to choose from so you can design as the Magneto software as much or as little as you like. You can also buy Magento themes to use for your website.
  3. Works for whatever budget – If you are new to the field and wanting to start your first online business or if you’re a well established name, Magento can help. It has different packages to cater for the different stages.
  4. Magento is a recognized platform – It’s features and adaptability will allow for all ends of the eCommerce businesses.
  5. Multiple users – although you can control every aspect of the company under one roof using Magento, you can also have multiple users with many different levels of access through alternate logins.
  6. Foundations for SEO – Magento has simple URLs, search engine coding and meta data, and includes a Google sitemap.
  7. In built reporting systems – Analytics is automatically installed and so tracking has never been easier. The system will report back to you about your products, your sales and activity by customers.
  8. Good online marketing strategies – Magento will let you to set up discounts, send to a friend, up sells, product tagging (plus many more) and integrates Google Base which allows selling through Google Shopping. It also has a newsletter function to send to subscribed customers.
  9. No service agreement – because it is an open source software, the coding is available to the public and so if there are any issues, you and your company is not tied down to Magento.
  10. Lots of free features – As your business grows, the demands of the company may change and there are a few plugins and modules to help upgrade the site; many of which are free!

Author Gyles Seward

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