Who uses Magento Anyway?

Who uses Magento Anyway?


We already know that Magento is a powerful, feature rich e-commerce solution. But what kinds of businesses and brands use Magento?

Because of its open source nature and the fantastic community edition, you would expect to find lots of small businesses using Magento for their e-commerce needs, and indeed they do. But because of the powerful functionality of Magento Enterprise Edition, you also find some very big names in business use Magento.

Meyer Quick Service Logistik (QSL) may not be a name that is instantly familiar to you. When you see that they manage the entire logistics needs of the franchise brands Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Burger King and KFC, it’s easy to see that no matter the size of business, Magento has the functionality to deal with all of your inventory needs.

Magento offers much more than just stock management however. Offering nutritional therapies, Nestle Health Science appointed Magento Gold Partner eWave to develop an innovative application tailored specifically for healthcare professionals. This allows them to monitor and manage patient’s nutritional requirements, in turn changing the course of health management for consumers, patients and healthcare partners alike.

Small businesses also benefit from Magento Enterprise Edition. The City Winery in North America previously had a web solution that wasn’t scalable with their business. With Magento, they created a custom module to manage their ordering system, loyalty programme and concierge. Magento Enterprise gave them over 70% of their requirements out of the box, and allowed them to drop their custom module straight into the existing order.

Some businesses want to keep the personal touch with their e-commerce sites. Bambi Baby were having issues with their previous platform and found that Magento was able to offer much more modern features, such as live chat. Throw in Magento’s limitless scalability and the layered navigation and integrations with semantic search and Bambi Baby had found their perfect solution.

Be it start-ups, small businesses, or global companies, Magento’s proven technologies and superior costing means that Magento offers logistics and e-commerce solutions for all types and sizes of operation.


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