When’s the best time to post on your WordPress blog?

When’s the best time to post on your WordPress blog?

Jem Henderson

Posting blogs can be tricky. It isn’t just about getting the content right and curating an effective content strategy that is right for the audience that you have – you also need to consider when the best time to post new content is.

That’s why WordPress have created a new tool to help you to know when you should be releasing your new info to the world. Insights lets you know which days and times your website is most popular – helping you to work out exactly when is the best time to post a blog.

The new feature can be found in the Posting Activity visualisation and is a fantastic tool for publishers and companies trying to boost their online profile. It’s an infographic which shows you the days on which you usually post, with the depth of the blue helping you to work out the most popular times.

Other information including followers, comments, tags, categories and publicise have also moved to the insights page, giving you a comprehensive toolkit from which to build up a more effective posting strategy.

By posting more frequently, you can help build up a repository of knowledge which will let you work out when you should be posting, and what times are best for sharing these posts on social media and through your network.

A single glance should be all it takes to help you determine what time is best for your new content to be released into the world.