What’s New in WordPress’ Gutenberg Project?

What’s New in WordPress’ Gutenberg Project?

If you can’t wait for WordPress’ Gutenberg development to go live, you’ll be happy to know that the new Gutenberg editor is constantly developing, with the latest version offering new features to test out.  New releases of the Gutenberg editor are being released on a weekly basis, so if you want to test out the latest additions, you’ll need to add the plugin to your site.  The changelog has a full list of the latest additions and improvements.  We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting features for users to test out in the latest update.

Version 0.3.0 Updates

The team developing the Gutenberg editor have added a number of interesting features in the latest update.  In this release, you can experiment with the latest front-end styles for core WordPress blocks.  If you’re a little unsure what this means, you’re not the only one!  Basically, this means content like cover images will look the same as they look in the admin as they do in editing mode. The demo content in the Gutenberg plugin also showcases a full-width cover image.  The latest Gutenberg update also provides users with new text and image quick inserts.  These inserts will appear when hovering over any blank space beneath your post’s content.  This makes it super quick and straightforward to add the different types of content that are used most frequently by user groups.

Updates to Image-Orientated Blocks

The latest Gutenberg update has also added several enhancements that make it much easier to customise your image-orientated blocks.  WordPress users will be happy to know there are now a tonne of new options and settings:

  • Users can make use of the handy ‘edit image’ button for cover and image blocks
  • Users can now visually crop images in galleries to improve alignment
  • Can automatically disable dimming the background in cover images
  • Text formatting has been added to the Cover Image block
  • New placeholder for all text blocks
  • Added toggle option for fixed background in Cover Image

Pros of Current Gutenberg WordPress Editor

  • The new Gutenberg editor provides a far less distracting user experience with more screen space.
  • The new block options are fun to use and the new alignment options makes editing easy and straightforward. New WordPress users will benefit the most from these new options.
  • The new editor already works exceptionally well on mobile platforms. With the latest Gutenberg editor making a quick edit on your phone is a simple and enjoyable experience.
  • Theme and plugin developers have the ability to create custom blocks

Cons of Current Gutenberg WordPress Editor

  • Gutenberg does not support custom plugin meta boxes. This means Yoast SEO cannot run on the new editor yet.
  • May be harder for beginners to learn.
  • With thousands of different plugins and themes, a major issue going forward will be backwards compatibility.

Overall, the latest Gutenberg update brings with it some cool new features for users to test out.  This latest edition definitely makes us excited about the future of WordPress editing.  We definitely recommend installing Gutenberg on a staging site and testing out some of the latest features.

Have you tried out Gutenberg?  Let us know your thoughts, both good and bad in the comments below.