What’s New in WordPress 4.8 “Evans”

What’s New in WordPress 4.8 “Evans”

Andy Holland

WordPress has released its biggest update yet of 2017 and that is WordPress 4.8 Evans. Where does Evans come from? Well, WordPress has named it is in honour of the legendary jazz pianist and composer William John Evans. This update is available now for you to download in your dashboard, so what are you waiting for? There are lots of fantastic features that users will welcome and will improve the usability of your WordPress site.

The New Image Widget with WordPress 4.8 Evans

Do you hate inserting code and find this a confusing process? Then you will love the new updates for image widgets with WordPress 4.8! Adding image widgets is now an easy and simple task that requires no need to know any coding. All you have to do is place your image in the widget settings and you are ready to go. Watch as you upload a variety of pictures, from headshots to what you got up to at the weekend, added instantly to WordPress.

Video Widget

Videos are the future and you probably do not need us to tell you that! Videos are now prioritised on many social media platforms and are a great way to catch your reader’s attention. This can add a personal element to your website or brand that images may not be able to convey as well. Now, with WordPress 4.8 you can apply any video from your Media Library to the sidebar on your website! This allows you to also easily display videos from video hosting site such as Youtube. We would recommend displaying your videos through a service such as Youtube, as uploading videos to WordPress can make your site slower. This is a great way to showcase a welcome video and introduce new users to your website and promote your most popular or latest content.

Audio Widget

The new audio widget with WordPress 4.8 seems to be designed specifically for the avid blogger, podcaster and musician. So, if you fall into one of these categories get very excited indeed! Adding a widget with audio files has now never been easier. All you are required to do is upload your sound file into the Media Library and head on over to the widget settings. You will then be able to select your file and users can start listening to your content immediately! You could also use this to add a personal welcome message to your site too.

Rich Text Widget

The Rich Tec Widget is one of the most exciting aspects to come from the new WordPress 4.8 Evans updates. Now with this update, rich-text editing competencies are now inborn for text widgets. You can apply a widget anywhere you choose and format straight away. Just a few of the things you will not be able to do a whole lot easier is create lists, add emphasis, and add links with ease. With these new formatting powers, you can accomplish a whole more in a much shorter space of time!