What’s New in WordPress 4.7 Vaughan

What’s New in WordPress 4.7 Vaughan

It’s about time you became familiar with the latest version of WordPress – named ‘Vaughan’ as a tribute to the late Jazz singer Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan. Whether you’ve gone ahead and downloaded WordPress 4.7 or still hesitating to click that reminder to update, here’s what you need to know about the improvements.

There are plenty of exciting benefits that should make life easier for both amateur and professional webmaster alike.

Introducing Twenty Seventeen

Bringing forth the next era of immersive web design, WordPress 4.7 sees a brand-new theme introduced. Known as ‘Twenty Seventeen’ this could be the most interactive default theme yet. Transforming a dull website has never been easier with video headers, immersive images and multiple sections with endless customisation options. If you thought style and design was impressive on the previous WordPress platform wait until you take ‘Twenty Seventeen’ for a spin.

In the words of WordPress lead developer Helen Hou-Sandi, “Our default theme for 2017 works great in many languages, on any device, and for a wide range of users.”

This is a business centric theme meaning the layout and setup is geared towards the optimisation of conversions. Virtually everything can be personalised whether it be social menus to widgets, navigation and more. While it may seem more complex, this new theme does away with unnecessary tasks.

When building menu’s, you can now add new pages without having to leave customizer. If you need to add custom CSS, there’s an option to instantly see those changes on-site thanks to a new line preview. It’s this ease-of-use which makes Twenty Seventeen leagues ahead of any predecessor.

REST API Content Endpoints

This latest version of WordPress now facilitates REST API end points. This features across everything from posts and comments to settings, users, terms and more. This type of standard interface paves the way for machine readable external access to your site.

Imagine the possibilities for optimised interaction between external plugins, themes, and apps. It’s an exciting time to be a developer!

And there’s more…

The benefits don’t end there, especially for those working behind the scenes. Developers have a selection of goodies all designed to save time and make those tricky tasks that little bit easier. For starters, most of the bugs occurring with the WP_Hook code have now been fixed and the general programming gets an upgrade.

Setting registration API has also been overhauled to include more information. REST API visibility, description and type provide data at a quick glance without having to delve under the surface.

Custom Bulk actions is another vastly improved area with far more actions available than just the simple ‘bulk edit’ and ‘delete’. If that’s not got you excited maybe the prospect of customizer changesets might. It ensures that any changes made in the customizer are now persistent and kept, just like an auto-save feature. This makes new functions like starter content a reality.

WordPress 4.7 Vaughan is clearly an impressive leap. Download that update today – found in the dashboard – and experience some of the advantages for yourself.