What’s New in Laravel 5.5?

What’s New in Laravel 5.5?

Liam Firth

We have good news for any Laravel programmers, the highly anticipated Laravel 5.5 Long Term Support (LTS) is finally here!  We’re going to be talking you through what to expect from this latest update, as well as giving you a little background to the Laravel platform if you’re unfamiliar with it.

What is Laravel?

For those of you who haven’t used Laravel before, it is basically a programmer’s best friend.  Laravel is a web application framework that aims to make your development process as pleasing as possible, without sacrificing any functionality.  Laravel is extremely accessible, yet powerful, providing you with the tools needed to create large, robust applications.

What to Expect in Laravel 5.5?

After Laravel 5.1, the next Long Term Support (LTS) release will be 5.5.  This latest update is expected to include three years of security updates, as well as two years of bug fixes.  You will need to be using PHP 7.0+ to run Laravel 5.5.  The PHP 7.0+ offers a lot of new features and speed improvements, which will automatically decrease the load on your CPU.  Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the most exciting features in this new version of Laravel.

“Vendor:Publish” Command Becoming Specific

Compared to previous versions of Laravel, the new vendor:publish command available in version 5.5 is becoming more specific.  This means that when you run a command a prompt will now ask you to select the provide or add a new task.  In addition, this means developers only have to publish the one they need.

The Return of Error Handling

The latest Laravel update brings back “Whoops.”  This is the popular error handling framework used in version 4.  This error handling framework was removed in the 5.0 update.  Whoops automatically changes the appearance of PHP exceptions and it makes them less annoying.

Faster Layout Testing and Custom Email Themes

Laravel 5.5 enables developers to assign custom themes to different mailable classes.  This can be done by creating a style sheet file (css) and specify the new filename as a property of your mailable class.  With this latest update, developers can easily render email templates to browser, therefore enabling you to make instant changes.

Frontend Presets

With the new Laravel update, developers will now be able to change and configure the initial boilerplate.  Therefore, you will be given three preset options: Vue, Bootstrap and React with Vue is set as the default.

Easier Package Discovery

In older Laravel versions, developers must register service providers and add their aliases to pull different Laravel packages and with this update, the package will automatically register service providers.

Request Validations

Also, developers should expect to see a few important changes in the Request feature in Laravel 5.5.  In this update, the request data will be stored in a variable.  This means developers can create direct validate calls in the Request instance.

Alongside all of these functionality improvements, developers can expect changes in error page designs, custom validation rules and exception helper functions.

Have you had the chance to test out Laravel 5.5?  Let us know in the comments below

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