What’s the future of email marketing in 2014?


Email marketing is continuing to prove itself as an effective element of any marketing toolkit. However, with brands and consumers communicating in a range of new ways, is email marketing as versatile marketing channel as it used to be, and what’s the future of email marketing in 2014?

Email marketing still looks to be a successful marketing channel in both B2B and B2C strategies, with a large amount of a company’s marketing spend used on email marketing.  When done right, email marketing has a significant impact on the entire sales cycles.

Making an impact with email marketing

  • Timing: Monday mornings and Friday afternoon are not the best time to send out an email to your customers. Tuesday – Thursday are the best days, and during the day tends to be when people are opening their emails compared to evenings.
  • Subject: Provide a clear, concise subject line for your email. For B2B, use words such as “revenue” or “profit” or “money” to grab attention, B2C is much more specific to your company or industry.
  • Allow for social media sharing: Emails that include a social media sharing button have a much higher click through rate – let your audience spread the word about you!

Things get personal in 2014

  • Relevant content is crucial for audiences, and there are four main themes to keep a focus on.
  • Mobile: Your email marketing campaign needs to be responsive to mobile phones and tablets. Consumers are constantly on the move, and with 43% of emails now being opened on a mobile phone; this isn’t something to be ignored.
  • Personalised messages: Target your emails, understand what your audience is wanting to get from you. Emails based on their interests and desires are likely to receive much higher conversion rates.
  • Detailed data: Your database is crucial to sending relevant emails. Keep this up to date and in as much detail as possible. Segmenting your database is a great way to ensure emails are as targeted as possible.
  • Automation: Email automation helps with targeting with quality, relevant content.

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