What Pages Every WordPress Website Must Have

What Pages Every WordPress Website Must Have

Have you recently started your own blog on WordPress? Then you may be wondering If there are any vital pages of information that you have left out! WordPress allows you to easily add information to your blog with ease and minimal disruption. Here, we are taking you through the most important pages that your WordPress blog needs to have.

Create an About Page

When you visit almost any website online, you are sure to find an About page. This page can be sued by you to let your audience know who exactly you are, what the blog’s purpose is, its mission, its values and what content visitors can expect to find here. This helps build a trust with your viewers as they will see you as a person and not just a stranger behind the screen.

Contact Page

Another vital page you need to have is a contact page. This is to ensure that your readers, business partners and advertisers can all easily contact you. This page should be easy to find and visitors should be able to quickly send you a message without having to contact you publicly. It is also a good idea to add social buttons here too to give people additional ways to contact you.

Disclaimer Page

Are you planning on making money from your online blog? Then you should have a disclaimer page. Here, you can be transparent about letting your visitors know how you make money from the blog and inform them of monetized content.

Privacy Policy and T&C’s

These pages are not the most fun to write, however, they are important to have on your WordPress blog. A privacy policy will let your visitors know about any data that you collect from them on your website and about any third party involvement. Third party tools include Google Analytics, who can set cookies, so don’t just assume that your blog is exempt! For those of you using Google AdSense a privacy policy is also needed for transparency. Anyone who runs an online store or offers a service will need to ensure that they have a terms of service page too. This is a legal document, so you may want to seek professional help for this. You can limit your liability in any cases of misuse of information and services and you can let visitors know about any copyright or trademark issues on your site.

Product or Services Page

Are you using an ecommerce platform to sell products or services? Then a shop page will automatically be created on your website. However, if you are not using an ecommerce platform then you will need to create a products or service page! We would also recommend creating a parent page that will list all of your products there for easy navigation, as well as individual product pages containing more detail.