What Makes A Good Website?


Each individual website user has their own set of preferences when it comes to website design. Some like pretty colours and entertaining videos. Others are interested in reading comprehensive product reviews and finding the answers to everyday problems. It is impossible to keep everybody happy. However, this article highlights the features which are common to every good website.

A Sense Of Purpose

The most successful designers spend time considering the objectives of each new website. They can then choose the most suitable keywords and digital features. They are also able to create headlines and other forms of content which lead the website visitors along a certain path. For example, a webmaster who is primarily interested in selling football trainers could create a homepage which highlights the benefits of purchasing branded products from their online store.

Effective Design

It is important to bear in mind that people will have definite preferences for dominant colours. However, website designers can overcome this problem by using subtle background colours and emphasising the core content. The digital experts also understand the importance of ensuring that text is easily readable and that the website visitors can find what they are looking for with absolutely no difficulty.

Basic Navigation

The best websites are particularly easy to navigate. They may contain drop down menus and stand-out buttons which the users can click on. Website owners who are keen to increase the potential conversion rates often incorporate gently persuasive text and links to relevant landing pages.

Traditional SEO

The development of sophisticated search engine algorithms has meant that tactics such as keyword stuffing and link buying have become outdated. However, there are other traditional methods which are still worth implementing. You should take the time to optimise your meta tags and include keywords in your body copy. It is also important to update your website on a regular basis.


It is worth bearing in mind that the online audience expect rapid access to the content that they are most interested in. A recent study by Kissmetrics revealed that the majority of people will happily click away from a site which takes longer than 6 seconds to load. It is for this reason that you are encouraged to optimise your images and think very carefully about the inclusion of videos.


It is of paramount importance to create websites which are compatible with the different web browsers. You should also remember that people will be using a range of devices to access your site. That’s why the use of mobile optimisation strategies is highly recommended.

Exceptional Content

If you’re keen for people to engage with your website then you have to develop and integrate a variety of high quality content. You might even be tempted to include a variety of blogs, infographics, pictures and videos as part of your content marketing strategy. It will then be possible to enjoy the dual benefits of increased website rankings and engagement

Social Media Integration

You’ll probably be aware that a considerable proportion of web users spend great amounts of time on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The search engines also take account of social media activity when assigning website rankings. So you should promote links to active social media accounts.


It is worth pointing out that the search engines consider website links among the most important ranking factors. However, webmasters who want to feature prominently in the listings have to acquire links from quality websites and blogs. They are also encouraged to link out to third party websites which are of interest to the community of web users.


The success of digital platforms such as Twitter and WordPress prove the value of user engagement. Particularly successful web site owners embrace this ethos and encourage the online audience to leave blog comments and engage in digital discussions. They communicate on a personal level and act upon user feedback.


It is very important to use analytics tools in order to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. The most successful webmasters use these tools measuring impact that website updates have upon bounce rates and conversions. They also run split tests to ascertain which types of content generate the greatest interest.

Additional Information

If you’d like to find out more about the most successful website marketing strategies then you should get in touch with Elementary Digital today. We’ll take time to assess your specific requirements and come up with a plan to boost your digital profile.


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