What Is WordPress VIP?

What Is WordPress VIP?


reliable service and it comes with a lot of benefits. In this post, we are going to talk you through what WordPress VIP is, what the benefits are of using it and who should use it. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

What Is WordPress VIP?

If you are unsure what WordPress VIP is then you should know that it is a high-end hosting platform. The service itself is fast, secure and very hassle-free. The downside to this is that WordPress VIP can be very expensive, this often means that it is only really suitable for those companies who can afford it and those who need this fast, reliable hosting service.

Who Can Use WordPress VIP?

This hosting plan is made for those sites that are going to have a lot of traffic and therefore require great performance and security. WordPress VIP is only really suitable for those high-traffic sites and large businesses that are likely to see tens of millions in terms of page views. You’ll find that the actual price of this service is not immediately evident but, in the past, it has been shown that some sites pay around $5000 to $25000 each month for up to 5 sites. On top of this, you’ll find that you need to pay $5000 for the initial set up fee per site that you are running.

This shows that it is very expensive, and this is why only big sites like Facebook or Spotify make use of this service. If you are looking for unlimited storage, CDN, dedicated support and unlimited bandwidth, then you should think about taking advantage of this if you can afford it.

The Benefits of WordPress VIP

There are lots of benefits to using WordPress VIP and this is why some of the biggest high-traffic sites make use of it. One of these benefits is that it has the best performance and it is incredibly high-speed. There are around 20 data centres that serve this network and so the speed is never going to have issues.

On top of this, users can benefit from having a fully managed WordPress platform. This includes security and scanning, performance monitoring, automatic core software updates, hourly backups and much more. This means that companies do not have to focus on these parts of running the site as it is all managed by WordPress.

Another benefit is that this package comes with some great planning and training. You will have a team help you to create the site and they will train your own team on how it works. The final benefit to WordPress VIP is the excellent security that comes with it. Any sort of attacks that come your way will be protected against and everything will be carefully encrypted by the team that is managing your site,

Make sure to try out WordPress VIP if you think that you could benefit from it.


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