What is the WordPress Gutenberg Project?

What is the WordPress Gutenberg Project?

By now you may have heard the phrase ‘Gutenberg Project’ within the WordPress community. It’s been floating about for some time but the first prototype aimed at improving WordPress editor was unveiled only recently.

That said, it’s about time you familiarised yourself with this project and discovered how you could have an impact in helping it along. It’s worth your consideration as the finished version could make day-to-day web duties far easier.

A new version of WordPress Editor

As we all know, the editor part of WordPress is one of the most fundamental parts of the CMS. In many ways, this hub is where all the action happens, or in other words the place where you create engaging content which keeps users coming back to your site.

That said, the continual improvement of this part of WordPress would only make sense. Thankfully, a dedicated team are currently working on a new form of editor which is solely tasked at improving the user interface and experience.

This radical new design involves a block-like layout which brings even more functionality for the novice WordPress user. While certain features require custom HTML or shortcodes at present, this new editor would do away with this form of content creation. Not only is it way easier for the technophobe but saves time and hassle for the proficient developer.

Although it’s still in the early stages, the current set up works using blocks which handle each and every post element. These can be arranged with ease and you’ll enjoy a huge selection of formatting options for each block. This also means that you can easily move both the images and text while inserting headings, lists and quotes as you would do in the current editor.

Add your contribution

The best part of the Gutenberg Project is that everyone can help. Calling upon the expertise of the WordPress community, the team behind this new editor are reaching out for assistance.

Designers can give their hands-on experience by viewing the current mock-ups as well as the UI prototype. The Gutenberg Project has a GitHub repository where those with knowledge in design can leave comments, suggestions and even their own mock-ups.

For those that aren’t well versed in design, but still want to help, you can sign up for surveys. By answering questions on user experience, you’ll give the team a better idea of what needs to be altered or further improved. As mentioned, the Gutenberg is now hosted on GitHub, so you can try for yourself and have a play around on this new platform.

Otherwise, you can follow the weekly meetings that currently take place as part of the ‘Editor Weekly Chat’ at 6pm UTC on Wednesdays. Here you’ll have a chance to listen to the current project strategy, leaving any suggestions on the #core-editor Slack channel.

It’s worth getting involved as the Gutenberg Project could be the future of WordPress editor. Don’t miss your chance to contribute and join the many others to implement this change.