What is Google LENS

What is Google LENS

If you own a Google mobile phone in the United Kingdom, United States of American, Canada, Australia, India or Singapore, you can look forward to the launch of Google Lens! Google Lens has either just dropped, or is about to be dropped, in each of these respective countries and is leading the way in technological advancements. While it has had some great reviews, it has also faced some criticisms too. For more information on Google Lens and what you can expect from it, carry on reading!

What Exactly is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a function on your mobile phone that can do a number of very cool functions. It can read text, provide information on a wide range of topics, scan barcodes and identify buildings and landmarks. The information it can provide includes books, films and artwork plus it can also identify products!

Google Lens is very simple and easy to use. On your phone, tap the symbol on the bottom right of your screen to launch Google Assistant. You can then click the image or object that you want to scan.

What Does It Work Well At?

This function works fantastically as a barcode scanner and you can expect it to work nearly every time. It is incredibly accurate and fast compared to its competitors. What’s more, if there is no barcode, it is still great at identifying objects just based on their branding. It also really excels in identifying books and famous pieces of art.

What Does Google Lens Need to Improve On

While Google Lens definitely has some great aspects to it, it does also have some pitfalls too. Google Lens seems to struggle with identifying buildings and also products that do not feature any labelling. For example, it can see an Apple laptop as being aluminium foil. Clearly, this shows that there is still some work to be done with this application! However, these really are only minor niggles and something that Google is sure to improve on in the future. If you find that it is getting things wrong, you can let it know. You can also confirm its guesses to if it is unsure.

The Future of Google Lens

Google Lens is not yet perfect, but it is still a great offering from Google and just the beginning of this type of interactive technology! It is sure to improve over time and we can confirm that it is definitely better than Google Goggles. You can expect Google to add capabilities and expand this application over time. However, if you are a business owner, Google Lens could be helpful to you. In particular, this is due to it being able to read business cards and turn these into contacts on your mobile.

As long as Google continues to invest in Lens, it will have a bright and prosperous future! Expect to see it widely adopted over voice and normal mobile search.