What Happened to the Dinosaurs – The Latest Google Fail

What Happened to the Dinosaurs – The Latest Google Fail


Google has had issues with displaying snippets in the results pages that are based on crowd sourced/externally sourced information in the past. Remember when Greggs’ logo was made offensive? Or how about the more recent issues with mapping information? It looks set to continue, with the latest fail:

Google what happened to the dinosaurs - creationist answer box

(Hat tip to Del Patrick for finding this)

Was this a mistake or done on purpose? If it’s the latter then this is clearly the new Google bombing (below: a correct answer box!).

Correct google answer box about google bombing

This is the problem when you crowd source information and people know the sources. Is Google working to correct this? I would say so, but I still expect many more mistakes/offensive content to come. Perhaps it is developing or could develop a way of detecting or marking debated topics, offensive content (surely that one’s easy?) etc, so a moderator could check them? (An in-house moderator).

In the case of the offensive map results it reminds me of homophobic issues with Google Translate, where synonyms suggested for ‘gay’ were hateful. Perhaps this is what has happened here, with acceptable words being inappropriately synonymised with offensive ones? Or maybe it’s the nasty underbelly of the internet spamming the data sources Google uses?

What’s your favourite/most depressing of these Google fails? Let us know in the comments.