What are the Top Features of Magento 2?

What are the Top Features of Magento 2?

Andy Holland

In recent years, Magento has become the leading eCommerce platform across the globe.  This platform is now used by over 2 million online retailers.  This software offers a range of impressive tools that cover everything from SEO to marketing and even your catalogue-management-needs!  Also, if you have worked with previous iterations of Magento, you will likely be familiar with most of its features.  However, with the release of Magento 2, the team have taken it to a whole new level!  Magento 2 is the most user-friendly and balanced eCommerce environment to date!

Magento has been stripped down and rebuilt from scratch to what is now a safer, easier and more responsive Magento 2 version.  This latest version offers some great exclusive features that will vastly improve the functionality of your online shop.  Also, the newly added CSS pre-processor and HTML5 technology are a real game changer!

New Magento 2 Features

We thought it would be useful to give you a run-down of some of the top new Magento 2 features all users can enjoy:

  1. Enhanced productivity: The new Magento platform offers a more efficient experience to its merchants.
  2. Flexible architecture: This platform offers flexibility to bring your personal vision of commerce to life.
  3. Better performance: Users will enjoy over 50% faster page load speeds.
  4. Easier maintenance and upgrades: Modern design architecture improves the Magento 2 functionality and offers greater levels of flexibility.
  5. Secure payment methods: This new platform offers built-in payment integration with popular systems including Authorize.net, Braintree and PayPal.
  6. Migration tool: This platform comes with a handy migration tool, making it easy for you to migrate from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.0 with ease.

Top Magento 2 Features

We have previously mentioned some of the new basic features of Magento’s new platform.  Now it’s time to take a look at some of the top new features including new file structure, CSS Pre-processing, new layout elements and more!

New File Structure

When it comes to the file structure for the new Magento platform, there have been some significant changes.  Everything is placed under the app structure.  Also, this means that every module will be given its own directory.  This is great news for module developers!

CSS Pre-processing

The new Magento platform has done away with using BootStrap.  Instead, it uses both CSS and own LESS for its new theme core.  It will find and publish CSS together and your overview static files can be found under the pub and directory. Also, the main advantage of using these two independent pre-processors is that LESS will help you create custom themes with ease.  They will also enhance performance and speed up your page loading times.

New Layout Elements

This new Magento release introduces a brand-new concept of container wrappers.  This means that when it comes to organising blocks it will now be far more intuitive.  Also, this will make it easier to define the different sections of your site.

If you are already a Magento user, we hope this post will relieve any worries about upgrading to the new Magento platform.  Magento 2 is secure, ultra-fast and even more reliable!

Are you thinking about upgrading?  Let us know in the comments below.