Weird Google Images Bug Shows Car Crash and NBA Star


At some point yesterday – and for some users continuing into today – Google Images started acting rather strangely. For users in several countries (including the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia) all image searches seemed to return the same set of results, namely images from a Russian car accident. The Register also reports that some people instead received images of an NBA conference featuring Kevin Durand.

So far we don’t really know what happened. Was it a hack? Was it some obscure bug causing this issue? Did someone manage to spam the search results? At the moment it’s only being called a ‘technical issue’ – which isn’t much more descriptive than simply calling it an issue! They joked: “the least we could have done was show everyone micropigs instead!” Perhaps that could be a default in case of errors!

Affected users were prompted to clear their browser’s cache and cookies once Google’s techies had finished hammering away.

We’ll update this story if and when more information comes to light. In the meantime let us know if you’re still seeing any weird results.