Is Your Website Conversion Optimised?


Your website can’t just look good anymore, it needs to convert on a number of levels, nurture new leads, entice prospects and service existing customers well. It’s your brands online distribution hub, Internet storefront and virtual sales rep – and it needs to be built for conversion.

Integrated: Your website needs to integrate with all other digital elements, particularly your social media platforms. Consumers now integrate social media into their daily lives, and you need to do the same!

Optimise: A responsive web design is the best way to provide a user-friendly experience to your consumers. That way, no matter whether they view your website on their tablet, mobile or laptop, your website stays true to its design and format.

Reliable: Make sure you do exactly what your website says you do. Be consistent throughout all media, this includes your brand and messaging. Trust is everything, your website needs to be reliable for search engines as it is for people.

Compelling: Your website is more often than not, your first meeting point with a potential customer. It has to be concise, well written and show off your brand in the best possible way – it should answer the “why should I buy from you?” question.

Navigation: A clear navigation is extremely important for potential customers searching on your website – don’t make it complicated for them to get information from you!

Educate: Don’t disappoint on educating people on exactly what your brand stands for. People are looking to gain a greater understanding of your brand and what you have to offer as a company when visiting your website, so make it accessible for them. Blogs are a great view to share your views of the industry and a great way of communicating with your target audience.

Unique: Stand out from your competitors, be yourself, share case studies and testimonials and samples of your work. Use your About Us page as a way to tell a story about your brand, using images and videos, and build familiarity with your audience.

Versatile: Try different things, don’t just stick to writing content, use videos and audio content to showcase your products/services. Your website should be as interesting as you are!